Pan Asia Olive Crown

Sustainability has become a critical ingredient to doing business responsibly and successfully. Companies today have tools and practices that enable them to create a sustainable world for present and future generations.

The IAA-India Chapter has instituted the Olive Crown Awards to encourage and espouse this sense of communicating sustainability. The Olive Crown Awards were first instituted in 2011, and were given away at the AAAI’s Goafest. Its phenomenal success encouraged the team to host the 2012 Awards as a stand-alone event with the generous support of its Sponsor 一 9XM. This function was attended by the who’s who of Indian marketing and Advertising.

The Fifth edition of the same will be held in the first quarter of 2015, and we once again have the support of 9XM.

Entries can be sent in English or Hindi. In case of other languages, the entrants need to send English translations for print and English Subtitles for film. The categories are as follows.

1. Press 一 Consumer Products
2. Press 一 Services
3. Press 一 Corporate
4. TVC / Cinema 一 Consumer Products
5. TVC / Cinema 一 Services
6. TVC / Cinema 一 Corporate
7. Digital
8. Events
9. Out-Of-Home
10. Radio
11. Print Production
12. Press 一 Unreleased
13. TVC / Cinema 一 Unreleased
14. Young Green Writer of the Year
15. Young Green Art Director of the Year
16. Green Brand of the Year
17. Campaign of the Year
18. Green Advertiser of the Year
19. Green Agency of the Year
20. Corporate Social Crusader of the Year

Category 12 & 13 – This is for the creatives, which have not been released. In the event that the same work is released later by a brand or a corporation, the work will be eligible for entry next year as well.

Category 14 & 15 – This category is for professionals who are 30 years old or less (as on Dec 31, 2013). The entrant must present a body of work which has been done for the cause that the IAA Olive Crown Awards stand for. Any number of work may be entered but at Unreleased work may also be submitted (please note: the same unreleased work may also be submitted in categories 13 & 14 but with a separate entry form). While it is not mandatory to present work representing multiple media, one must bear in mind that an entrant presenting a healthy mix may have a natural edge over others who don’t.

Category 16 – Entries for Green Brand of the Year should include the following:
A note, not exceeding 1000 words explaining the objectives of the campaign with a perspective of the sustainability issues that were sought to be addressed, the creative concept, the media mix used, any unique methods used in the communication, the budget and an assessment of the impact it made. Print and photographic annexure validating the effort could be attached.

Category 17 – Entry must be a multimedia campaign which has appeared in a minimum of two vehicles. The number of entries forming a campaign must be a minimum of four.
E.g.: Three press single and one TVC single.

Category 18 & 19 – No entries can be sent. These Awards will be for the cumulative points won by the agency / advertiser.

Category 20- A one page note should be submitted detailing the nature of the Corporate Social Investment initiative, its objective, its duration, its reach within the community, its impact as perceived and measured by you.

Eligibility: Entries should have been released (or held) between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014.
– Should conform to the guidelines of the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI).
– Should not have been created mainly for the purpose of winning an award.
– Should not be exercises in “green-washing”.
– The organizers reserve the right to reject entries which could be seen as offensive to national, religious or public sentiments or taste.

Awards: In each category the jury will award a Gold and Silver Olive Crown to the winning entries (Winner, Runner-Up). These awards will be conferred on the entrant companies.
In case an entry is submitted by more than one entrant, the organizers will bring it up to both parties at an appropriate time 一 only one entrant per entry will be accepted.

– Print: Art pulls mounted on soft board and flush-cut or printed on art card. The size should not exceed 1750 sqcm.
– Film: DVD only. Entries for each category should be recorded on DVD with a 5 second gap between commercials. Please attach a cue sheet if there is more than one commercial on
a single DVD.
– Radio: Audio CDs in MP3 format with 10 second leaders between commercials. in a maximum 4” X 6” size behind the entry.
– Digital category entries may be entered as a DVD or if the entry is live on the web the link should be mentioned in the entry form.

Entry Deadline: February 15, 2015.

– Send entries to:
The Secretariat, IAA-India Chapter
C/O Jaya Advertising Pvt. Ltd.
9 Elphinstone House, 17 Murzban Road,
Mumbai 400001.

– Contact:
Neeraj Roy,
Chairman, Olive Crown Awards & Mancom IAA, India Chapter.

Preamble_5th Olive Crown Awards
Entry Form_5th Olive Crown Awards