Membership of the Federation is open to:

Regular members who shall be representatives of the advertising organizations in a specified area
Associate members who are organizations /associations/trade bodies related to the field of advertising
Corporate members who shall be companies and corporate bodies who believe in the goals and ideals of the Federation
Individual members – all individuals who are not eligible under any of the above categories, but who believe in the goals and ideals of the Federation
The constitution of AFAA defines ‘Asian’ as including areas in the following regions-Oceania, Australiasia, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia and the Asia Pacific. The current members of the Federation are:

Pakistan Advertising Association – Pakistan
Taipei Association of Advertising Agencies – Taipei
Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies – Philippines
Japan Advertising Federation – Japan
Dewan Periklanan Indonesia – Indonesia
The Advertising Association of Thailand – Thailand
International Advertising Association – United Arab Emirates
Korea Federation of Advertising Associations – Korea
Advertising Council of India – India
Association of Accredited Advertising Agents, Malaysia – Malaysia
Vietnam Advertising Association – Vietnam
The Association of Advertising Agents of Macau – China
Advertising Agencies Association of Bangladesh – Bangladesh
Advertising Association of Nepal –  Nepal

Dentsu Inc.
Hakuhodo Inc.
Jang Media Group, Pakistan

Associate Member:
ECI Awards – China
Asian American Advertising Federation