Greetings from Chairperson

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Raymond So 2016new chairman(Taiwan)

The Asia Pacific region, while sharing similar perspectives on various industry issues, is heterogeneous in many ways. Over the last 35 years, AFAA has played a key role in
bringing about a greater understanding and appreciation among advertising, marketing and
media professionals of both the commonalities and the differences among Asia Pacific nations.

The Asian economies have been seeing a phase of unprecedented growth in almost all areas
of activity. This is also the continent with the largest and perhaps, the youngest population in the world. Along with this demographic dividend come the obvious growth pangs which different countries are dealing with, in different ways.

With all the depth of our markets and the ancient wisdom we pride ourselves on having, we still have a long way to go before Asian brands take their rightful place amongst the world’s top brands. With shared experiences and co-ordinated efforts at learning and upgradation of skills, AFAA hopes to harness the region’s brainpower in mitigating this oddity.

The digital world is shaping up to be the next Big Thing for our industry, moulding markets around us by people around us. We need to gear up to face the fascinating challenges that these dramatic developments are throwing up. AFAA is readying itself for this new ecosystem.

Lastly, as advertising professionals the cornerstone of our business is providing consumers the freedom of choice. However, it is also our duty as an industry and individuals to not mask unsustainable and unethical options under the garb of free choice. To stay relevant as an industry, AFAA is now in the early stages of leading the crusade to make freedom of choice also an ethical affair.



Best wishes

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Raymond So