Fast Track


To support young talent in furthering their careers, AFAA has created the Fast Track Professional Excellence Programme to develop personal leadership and empowerment in young talent and reconnect them to their passion for the industry so that they develop the resilience needed to sustain them through the many challenges ahead.

– When am I going to be famous? –

Faster than you think. AFAA understands the hunger and passion in young ad professionals to make a difference and be recognised. The AFAA Fast Track Professional Excellence Programme is designed to give young talent a boost that will lead them to make a quantum leap in their careers.

This is an intense 3-day residential programme designed to prepare young people to take on the challenges ahead of them in a fast-changing world. In this programme, participants will be led to :

• Explore their role in the advertising and marketing industry and understand
how their contribution can make a difference to themselves, their careers,
their organisation and the industry.

• Explore and break through limiting beliefs and mindsets that get in the way
of their success.

• Develop ‘people skills’: able to build strong relationships between
client-creative agency-media agency, inspire their colleagues and get
connected with the target audience.

• Develop leadership as a core quality so they can have greater control and

• Liberate their creativity and reignite their passion.

You will receive a certificate upon completion of the programme.

– The Training –

• The 5th Fast Track programme will be happening in Malaysia in 2017

• Watch Out for New dates


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FastTrack 2014

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FastTrack 2015 Finale

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FastTrack 2015 Kick off

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FastTrack 2015 Astro

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FastTrack 2015 Bangladesh

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FastTrack 2015 India

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FastTrack 2015 Media Prima

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FastTrack 2015 Mindshare

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FastTrack 2015 Nepal

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FastTrack 2015 Taiwan