Digi Asia

“DigiAsia” is planned by Asian Federation of Advertising Associations (AFAA). Taipei Association of Advertising Agencies (TAAA) represented Taiwan, competed Korea and won the bid for launching DigiAsia, which is set to take place in Taiwan every two years (every even year) starting from 2014.

A normal international digital conference belongs to Taiwan takes place, which gathers attention from different countries, connects the platform for International Talents, and gradually promotes Taiwan as the Digital Marketing Center in Asia-Pacific.

– Why is DigiAsia important?

DigiAsia is an important conference about the future development of digi, ecology and environment in Asia-Pacific. In 2014, we will use “Digi beyond Imagination” as the theme to inform all the digi-creatives that the Digital Era has not only come but also applied in people’s lives closely. DigiAsia gathers people from all over the world, including managers, creatives, designers, and IT talents, etc., through DigiAsia, they can exchange ideas and enhance digital knowledge and expertise to seek opportunities for cooperation with each other!

– DigiAsia is born!

DigiAsia attempts to provide a friendly, free and colorful platform, which can have people give their imagination full scope, and make digi-creatives, economics and advertising professionals from the globe gather, learn, share and inspire in order to meet and explore all the possibilities and development of Digital Era. DigiAsia officially born in 2014, a fantasy generation with full of dreams and challenges, officially arrived!

– Official website: www.digiasia.org

DigiAsia 2014

2014_11_13 – The china Post – Business Page

2014_11_14 – The china Post – Business Page


◆ 2016 DigiAsia

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