In July 1978, representatives of advertising associations of ten Asian countries in an unanimous decision agreed to set up the Asian Federation of Advertising Associations. This came about as a result of the labors of a working committee which was formed at the 10th Asian Advertising Congress held in Sydney in 1976.

A feasibility study has established that: Advertising and communications practioners in Asia had indicated their support for an organization that could promote, protect and develop advertising within the context of conditions and varying cultures prevailing in their regions; and the organization shall function, not for the purpose of governing associations in the various countries that shall constitute the Federation, but for the purpose of planning, coordinating and implementing programs to elevate the standards and viability of advertising in the Asian region.

Mr. Antonio de Joya, Chairman of the Organizing Committee summed up the philosophy as β€œAn Asian Federation must, by its very nature, be a sevus populi, a servant of the advertising practioners in Asia, a planner/ doer/coordinator of the tasks that must be done rather than as a would-be Asian overlord who might be tempted to infringe upon the prerogatives of individual trade associations or federations in our respective countries.”

Signatories in the joint statement in 1978 represented advertising associations from Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines and Singapore.

In retrospect, the idea for an Asian Advertising Association was born in 1958 when the first Asian Advertising Conference was held in Tokyo. According to records on proceedings of the first conference, we find a paragraph referring to such an organization.

Then Mr. Jaini, India, moved that a committee be organized for future Asian Advertising Conference and to establish an Asian Advertising Associations. The motion was carried that each country would select one committee member with the exception of Japan (five committee members) on this Organizing Committee for an Asian Advertising Associations. As it turned out, however, it took 20 years for the idea to be materialized.

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