AdAsia is a biannual event that takes place in various countries in Asia under the auspices of Asian Federation of Advertising Associations(AFAA). It offers an opportunity to communicate with all the advertising intellectuals in Asia and to learn from seminars led by prominent representatives of the advertising industry. Starting back in 1958, it is the largest congress of its kind, attracting approximately 1,200 advertising professionals in Asia and around the world.


– Reinforced market for Asian advertising industry

– Making real business opportunities



– Big-star speakers and professionals with high name value

– Seminars under subthemes Beyond Advertising/Convention/Asia

– Festival for Asian advertising industry & Social Program

– The 50 years of AdAsia and the 30 years of Asian Federation of Advertising Associations (AFAA)


◆ 2017 AdAsia

– AdAsia 2017 Bali Program


– Video of Opening Ceremony


– Video of AFAA’s Awarding


– Video of Closing Ceremony


– Compilation video of 3 days AdAsia


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◆ 2015 AdAsia


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